Fish Processing

As a partner of companies like Euskan, Frigolan and Peruza we propose solutions of modern systems aimed directly at the customer needs. We propose an application from fish handling systems, machines for sprat and herring by buffer tanks, conveyors up to accessories such as hoses, quick couplings, etc. Each system which is supplied by us is specifically agreed in advance with the client to fully meet their expectations.


Fish handling systems

  • All tanks in SS AISI 316 ranging from 300 to 4500 l.
  • Power Units ranging from 7,5 to 90 kW
  • Full PLC control with finger touch panel, selectable language, etc.
  • Full range of accessories, remote control, water separators, hoses, quick couplings etc.

Grading line

  • Sorting the fish depending on their thickness
  • Purpose: Baltic sprat, herring and similar
  • The line is made entirely of AISI 304
  • Performance and the number of sorts adapted to customer requirements

Processing machines for sprat

  • Purpose: Baltic sprat and similar
  • Capacity up to 600 pcs / min (fresh fish)
  • The line is made entirely of AISI 304/316
  • Additional accessories such label printer, etc.

Processing machines for herring

  • Purpose Baltic herring and similar
  • Performance 250-300 pcs. / Min
  • Line performance with anti-corrosion materials (stainless steel, plastic)
  • Follow odgardlony, the carcasses of herring, twin sheets

Storage tanks, conveyors

  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Volume up to 25 cubic meter and more
  • Level sensors for monitoring water/fish level in the tanks
  • Temperature sensors for monitoring the storage temp

Weighting systems

  • Platform scales
  • Belt weighers
  • Weighing in flight
  • Additional accessories (printer, ...)

Refrigeration (IQF freezing)

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